Aktualizacje COVID-19


Further to our notice on 28th January, due to an extended quarantine isolation order China’s State Council has extended the Spring Festival holiday to Feb-2 (with offices opening again on the 3rd February); however the local governments of Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Chongqing have further extended the holiday to 9th February (with offices opening on 10th February).

Below is a list of the dates on which we currently expect to resume normal office working in China:

This list is subject to change
Please note that between the 3rd and the 10th of February, ACS China offices will have staff available either on-site or via remote access in order to ensure that operations and bookings for shipments continue to run smoothly throughout this exceptional period.

Region / Office
Expected Return to Work Date

Shanghai 10th February

Ningbo 10th February Suzhou 10th February

Nanjing 10th February

Wuhan Suspended until further notice

Chongqing 3rd February

Qingdao 3rd February

Lianyungang 3rd February

Zhenghou 3rd February

Tianjin 3rd February

Dalian 3rd February

Xiamen / Fuzhou 10th February

Shenzhen 10th February

Guangzhou 10th February

Zhongshan 10th February

Hong Kong 29th January

Fracht lotniczy:

The following carriers have stopped all China services: British Airways, Air Canada and LH Group. Cathay Pacific will be progressively reducing capacity on passenger flights to and from mainland China by 50% + from today to the end of March
Most of the other carriers currently remain unchanged on the passenger flights although freighter services are being pulled.

Sea Freight:

Please remember that the only shipment port that is currently closed is Wuhan – a river port. All other ports are working as normal for the time of year.


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