Digital supply chain optimization

EV Cargo Global Forwarding has developed a suite of end-to-end supply chain management systems to support efficiency and growth.

Developed in-house and through our innovation partners, products range from our new value-add standardized plug-and-play shipment tracking, to more complex supply chain solutions that are unique, tailored and implemented by our team of supply chain specialists. Whatever your business requirements, all customers benefit from one or more of our user-friendly products, and we have the tools to assess, optimize and control the supply chain for all industries no matter the size of your business.

LIMA – Logistics Information Management Application

Based on a core platform, our multi-award-winning enhanced supply chain software focuses relentlessly on attention to detail, quality and efficiency – optimizing the supply chain and the product lifecycle.

Boasting an impressive client portfolio, including many household brand names, we continuously exceed our customers’ requirements. No matter how complex your supply chain, EV Cargo Global Forwarding has you covered, LIMA will map, monitor and manage any product level supply chain whilst providing full visibility, extensive exception reporting and best in class analytics capability to furnish intelligent insights.

Compatible with any notable ERP or legacy system and with the ability to message data in or out, features include:

Purchase orders

Interface or manually create orders with product/sku level attributes, monitor samples, quality control, production, stock and unshipped goods.


Electronically distribute orders for vendor confirmation, place bookings and create documentation; e-invoice, packing list and SSCC box-end labels.

Origin hubs

Monitoring processes conducted at origin such as receipt of good for projects, picking, labelling, quality control and SOP related load planning.


Forecasting, projecting and protecting global space allocation with performance related reporting.


Shipment planning, booking and execution including dynamic auto-approval of shipments to plan, key milestone management and electronic ASNs.


Pre-book delivery slots from time of origin departure to proactively plan and manage intake and product flow in line with capacity and demand.


Managing physical and electronic distribution and receipt of documents for inbound planning and avoidance of destination demurrage or rent charges.


Advance estimated landed cost model and automating time consuming finance administration including on-line tariff and freight invoice validation.


Extensive reporting suite to manage all aspects of the supply chain, including exception management, RAG workflow and create your own.


Interactive KPI and analytics through business intelligence to performance manage and develop all aspects of the supply chain.

Warehouse Management Systems

eCWMS – EV Cargo Global Forwarding warehouse management system is designed to manage all warehousing activities for wholesale, retail and eCommerce:

  • Receipting
  • Put away
  • Pick and pack
  • Purchase orders
  • Door management & loading
  • Stock movement
  • Stock count
  • Cycle count

From source to shelf, this web-based system is accessible from anywhere. Each customer has their own individual platform giving them full supply chain visibility and control. Customer specific reports are generated for receipt, dispatch, stock levels and pending activities which can be transferred automatically.

Shipment tracking in the palm of your hands

Our first-generation mobile app includes AI chatbot functionality and its release has been fast-tracked to take on board COVID-19 measures, enabling customers to conveniently track and monitor shipments from your handset. Powered by EV Cargo Global Forwarding’s core ERP system, the app is designed to be intuitive, nimble and scalable. Integrated with industry service providers, including airlines, carriers and hauliers, our mobile access provides shipment information with real time map view and milestone tracking through various geolocation services, ensuring complete visibility of the entire supply chain.

Furthermore, our AI chatbot EVie™ uses machine learning intelligence to interpret valuable information and predicting the meaning of the user conversation to provide an instant answer to the enquiry. Our first-generation app paves the way for a range of new digital solutions from EV Cargo and is part of our digital transformation strategy. It is free to use and is available to all EV Cargo customers. The fast track release is testament to our commitment and ability to rapidly develop solutions based on best in class products and technologies.

Tracking shipment

Our standard service ‘inclusive’ app features:

  • Carrier neutral global live tracking across all shipping modes
  • Key milestone status updates from origin to delivery
  • Search facilities by shipments, purchase order or partial information
  • A bookmark ‘shipments to watch’ to create a favorites list
  • View by milestone status
  • Realtime global tracking with map view by location and transit leg
  • AI enabled EVie™ chat bot assisted information request 24/7
  • Customer team live chat
  • Global office locator
  • Quick links to make contact and request a quotation
  • iOS and Android compatible

A tailored supply chain network

Ensuring the synchronized execution of a complex supply chain network presents a multitude of challenges. EV Cargo Global Forwarding supplies intelligent, intuitive supply chain management solutions that are configurable to an organization’s objectives to improve collaboration, streamline process and deliver a lean and optimum supply chain.
Combining subject matter experts, operational, supply chain and analytical technologies, our supply chain solutions support the value creation, execution and performance management to ensure customers strategic goals are being met.

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