Packaging Optimisation

Millions of dollars are wasted annually because of poor transit packaging standards. EV Cargo Global Forwarding have assembled an effective combination of people, processes, and technology to help customers capture the benefits of optimal transit packaging. Based in Hong Kong, our technical centre PacD, facilitates our ability to enhance your supply chain performance through increased control over transit packaging at origin.

Our PacD client management and engineering services in the US and UK are specialists in understanding the critical impact of packaging on speed, visibility, and cost of complex global supply chains. Our packaging design, testing, and technical services work closely with your origin office, agents, and suppliers to ensure inbound packaging meets your requirements on every order.

Our PacD solutions provide the right combination of world-class packaging expertise and “hands-on” factory support to capture the savings and hold the gain.

Savings are achieved through more effective protection and a substantial improvement of product density inside cartons, pallets, and shipping containers. With better control over carton style, specification, selection, sizing, and packing we target improvement in container utilisation between 5-20% and reductions in damage and product returns by more than 75%.

These savings increase exponentially for air freight and e-commerce where the “right-size” and “right spec” for shipping cartons can lead to the elimination of volumetric penalties. Customers pay to ship more product, not air or excessive corrugate, at the expensive rates.

Furthermore, our PacD solutions increase control over compliance at the pre-shipment or booking stage and ensure accurate data on carton dimensions. The optimised designs and dimensions, managed with visibility via our on-line packaging portal, establish consistency across your factory base, and ensure accurate dimensional data.

These optimal, visible, and accurate dimensions create savings on the individual boxes and improve planning at all stages of the inbound journey. Origin partners can more confidently manage the “orders” by choosing the right equipment by carrier with the right vessel, port & rail combination. Destination DC can more confidently plan and allocate inbound product.

PacD – Improve Density, Damage, and Data in 4 Steps

Step 1 – Clear, updated, and accessible transit packaging standards

At EV Cargo we typically achieve an 8-20% reduction in the outside dimension of the in-bound box. Standards and specifications are developed with a global understanding of the local cost and feasibility at each origin.

Step 2 – Training and education at the vendor and factory level

Our cloud-based technology enables retailers and vendors to share packaging guidelines and detailed carton information. Effective communication of packaging requirements ensures that each vendor has the opportunity and the accountability to be successful with local knowledge, on a global scale.

Step 3 – Compliance stage gate and pre-shipment approvals

Packaging materials, supplier audit and qualification are available at this stage to support visibility into the upstream supply chain. Merchants cannot move forward until pre-shipment compliance protocol is complete and transit packaging has been optimised according to requirements.

Step 4 – Technology to optimise data capture, load planning and visibility

Ensuring one version of truth across the supply chain, all documentation is to be provided detailing packaging standards have been met and carton dimensions have been approved, this is accessible on our cloud-based platform.

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