Streamlining the operations of many leading fashion brands

Providing your customers with an agile and responsive supply chain, seamless delivery of goods and hassle-free returns.

EV Cargo Global Forwarding is one of the largest international supply chain providers for the fashion sector. We transport the latest trends by air, sea, rail and road for high value fashion houses, emerging and established brands and high street fashion retailers.

Our services include shipping, logistics and fulfilment for merchandise as well as packaging, point of sale and Goods not for Resale (GNFR). We consolidate millions of cartons worldwide every week for retailers around the world. Our global consolidation programs drive down cost, increase density and minimize the environmental impact of direct sourcing. For boutique brands we are often engaged in a fully outsourced capacity handling end to end supply chain, customer fulfillment, as well as management around design, drawings and fabric management including cutting and factory distribution. We also have a ‘full stack’ photographic studio capability in Asia for static and modelled items.

Known for speed, agility and flexibility, our range of value-add transportation solutions are particularly popular; Eco-Air offers a blend of short sea legs and longer air freight legs, making it faster and more cost-effective than sea freight without the premium cost and impact of direct air.

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