We manage supply chains for the world’s leading brands

Part of EV Cargo, EV Cargo Global Forwarding now has an unrivalled strength and depth comprising 9 million sq ft of strategic warehousing, 20,000 delivery vehicles, 5000 logistics professionals and includes such leading logistics companies as EV Cargo Global Forwarding, EV Cargo Solutions, EV Cargo Technology and Palletforce.

EV Cargo includes five main operating segments: Express, Global Forwarding, Logistics, Solutions and Technology. Operating under the group structure, EV Cargo adopts a cargo centric approach, focussing on customer needs across the entire supply chain by bringing together the best people, processes, technology and networks.

Championing innovation and sustainability, EV Cargo maximises opportunities for efficiency and growth across existing and new markets. Continued investment across the network will fuel growth, drive acquisitions and ensure EV Cargo is powered by the best technology.

Customers benefit from direct access to a wider range of services delivered through a seamlessly integrated corporate structure while increased investment in technology and analytics will lead to enhanced service quality.

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Our Vision

“We will transform logistics into a technology industry.”

This is what we want to achieve in the future, a paradigm shift in how the logistics industry thinks about itself and is perceived by its customers and investors, an industry where value accrues to those able to best develop and deploy transformational technology to power their operating model and customer proposition.

Our Mission

“We manage supply chains for the world’s leading brands.”

This is what we do today, the everyday focus of our people in serving and creating value for our customers, powered by relentless operational excellence and deep domain knowledge.

Our Values

What makes us EV Cargo? Take a look at our fundamental beliefs.


  1. We work hard to minimise the environmental impact of our own and our customer’s global operations.
  2. Our workplaces create a safe and fair environment for all of our people to work and develop their careers.
  3. We are ethically responsible and active members of our local and global communities, seeking to do the right thing always.


  1. We put the success of our customers business at the heart of everything we do.
  2. We underpin our long-term success with financially sustainable activities, relationships and expenditures, always.
  3. Our increasing scale provides all our people with the opportunity to realise their full potential.


  1. We keep our services fresh and relevant for our customers, delivering great value always.
  2. We embed technology in all that we do to make ourselves easy to work with and easy to work for.
  3. We relentlessly seek out new ways to work more effectively and better serve our customers.


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