People and systems working in harmony

EV Cargo Global Forwarding has a zealous transformation strategy to create a digital universe based on best in class and new, evolving technologies to benefit every customer.

Technology is at the core of our values, and the EV Cargo vision that ‘We will transform logistics into a technology industry’. This is what we want to achieve in the future, a paradigm shift in how the logistics industry thinks about itself and is perceived by its customers and investors, an industry where value accrues to those able to best develop and deploy transformational technology to empower their operating model and customer proposition.

Our digital strategy is set to underpin and enable expansion of our customers and internal networks by investing and developing award-winning ‘plug and play’ applications that manage and optimize the global freight operation, empowering the most informed decisions, to achieve optimum results.

EV Cargo Global Forwarding will digitally transform the freight industry by:

  1. Digitally harmonizing processes within our end to end freight forwarding operations, seamlessly and across our global network
  2. Leveraging industry best in class digital standards for the international shipping of commoditized goods
  3. Advancing our data infrastructure supported by enterprise integration and validation
  4. Providing industry best in class SKU/ order/ shipment tracking visibility and customer services through transformed customer engagement
  5. Developing and refining our platform for customer interaction with a ‘Digital first’ approach for all customer, supplier and 3rd parties
  6. Retaining and refining sophisticated and flexible technology solutions for large complex ‘supply chain’ customers
  7. Evolving machine learning & AI for customers to digitally self-serve
  8. Relentlessly exploring digital solutions that reduce our cost to operate and our customers cost to serve