CEO Statement 

EV Cargo Global Forwarding was founded and has operated on the guiding principle of absolute customer focus and being a respected service provider in our industry. As a global business our aim is to expand our network and enhance our offering and as such, we have a responsibility to play our part to protect our planet and recognise our obligation to operate our business as sustainably and ethically as possible.

Our customers can rely upon us not to be a part of any corrupt, unethical, unsafe, insecure, or illegal activities and to do all we can to protect the environment. To ensure we meet these requirements, our policies are derived from the requirements of legal, international standards and relevant accreditations. These include Anti Bribery and Corruption; Security; Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality (IMS) and Single use Plastics Policies.

Our Anti Bribery and Corruption policy not only applies to all our colleagues but also partners, associates, subsidiaries, and sub-contractors as a mandatory requirement. The EV CARGO GLOBAL FORWARDING Executive Board reviews Anti-Bribery and Corruption matters on a monthly basis, demonstrating the importance placed on our compliance with the policy.

Our Integrated Management Systems (IMS) policy statement encompasses our environmental intent of which our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint absolutely and comprehensively. Having reviewed specifically our UK business activities and services, our significant environmental impacts are associated with the use of fuel, road traffic, energy usage and waste disposal. In order to reduce the negative impacts as much as practicable we commit to the following:

  • Continually improving recycling and waste disposal
  • Reducing carbon emissions and the consumption of energy and water
  • Monitoring our activities and processes to ensure efficient use of resources and minimise waste generation
  • Identify areas of business activity which may cause pollution and implement sufficient control measures to prevent pollution

EV CARGO GLOBAL FORWARDING recognises that in the areas in which we operate, pressure can be applied to our colleagues and third parties with whom we engage, by people whose standards do not match our own. To combat this, we operate a Whistle-blower policy, provided by a third party with the resources to deal with calls from a variety of countries and in many languages. This resource will allow us to protect and investigate issues across the globe to make sure our colleagues and third parties are safe and know that compliance with our policies is supported.

All EV CARGO GLOBAL FORWARDING policies have my full support and I will emphasise an absolute requirement if someone wants to work for, or with us. We impose a high standard to ensure high performance & quality in both our service and our colleagues, which is an area we cannot and will not compromise on.

Clyde Buntrock, 
Chief Executive Officer 

Health & safety

We aim for the highest safety standards. Our priority is always to safeguard the well-being of our people, our customers and the wider public through ongoing health and safety education at every level of the business.

Two people reading a clipboard

Environment and sustainability

We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact across every area of our business, that ultimately impacts our customer’s sustainability commitments. Aspiring to become a sustainable supplier, we’ve pioneered the use of HVO vehicles and introduced the following initiatives

  • fewer vehicle journeys
  • fewer road miles
  • less waste to landfill
  • less pollution
  • lower carbon emissions
  • lower energy and fuel bills
  • reduced costs
  • increased value to customers
  • reverse logistics

Quality assurance

Accredited to ISO 9001 we aim to be the leader in our chosen markets but to do this we must work to the highest standards. The skill, commitment and competence of our staff and our ability to work as a team internally and with our customers enables us to establish trust and build excellent customer service.

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Sustainable solutions

We understand the corporate and social responsibilities we have to shareholders, customers, employees and local communities. We are committed to conducting business that meets our legal and moral obligations while achieving sustainable growth.


Philanthropy is a big part of our culture at EV Cargo, we actively promote charity fundraising and support for a positive contribution to our local community.


We strive for a diverse, equal and opportunistic workplace, by encouraging professional development, and supporting employee wellbeing through on-site mental health first aiders.


Policies & Statements

With our policies we impose a high standard to ensure high performance and quality in...