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EV Cargo Global Forwarding is enabling clients to access supply chain information using a new mobile app. The first-generation app includes AI chatbot functionality enabling customers to not only track and monitor shipments across the world, but to seamlessly interact with an AI enabled virtual assistant for any questions or queries.

The app is designed to be flexible, fast, scalable and agile and is integrated with EV Cargo Global Forwarding’s core enterprise resource planning. This in turn is heavily integrated with numerous industry service providers such as airlines, shipping lines, local customs authorities, hauliers and third-party message brokers.

This provides mobile ‘in the hand’ access to shipment information with real time tracking through various geolocation services, ensuring complete visibility of the entire supply chain and beyond. EVie™, the AI chatbot, identifies valuable information in conversations, interprets user goals and distils information from sentences for a high-quality nuanced language model.

Available to users 24/7 and 365 days of the year, EVie™ is programmed to not only answer any pertinent shipment question, but also a plethora of additional supply chain related queries such as requests about Inco terms or duty rate and commodity code questions.

EVie™ can also be used to navigate the EV Cargo organisation requesting office locations, key contacts or account facilities.

Clyde Buntrock, EV Cargo Global Forwarding chief executive, said: “For a long time, our strategy has been to provide a Technology-Enabled Supply Chain® for customers. Our first-generation app paves the way for a range of new digital solutions from EV Cargo and is part of our digital transformation strategy and our vision to ‘transform logistics into a technology industry’.

“EVie™ is a new and powerful aid to our customer proposition. In a world where data is being heralded as the new currency, and international supply chains create huge quantities of data, how a user intuitively interacts and accesses data and turns it into meaningful information is a key competitive battleground. Supported by a customer team live chat function, EVie™ attempts to answer all customer queries, with the fall back being a real chat handler, who in turn educates EVie™ on any questions she is unable to answer.

“We are using supervised and unsupervised learning methods so that EVie™ accelerates her learning curve over time. At go live we had already uploaded tens of thousands of common questions, but now it’s time for EVie™ to really go to school, with customers defining her education to respond to their exact needs.”

Key features of the app include:

  1. Carrier neutral global live tracking across all shipping modes
  2. Key milestone status updates
  3. Search facilities by shipments, order or partial information
  4. A bookmark ‘shipments to watch’ list
  5. View by milestone status
  6. Realtime global tracking with map view by location and transit leg
  7. AI enabled EVie™ chat bot assisted information request
  8. Customer team live chat
  9. Global office locator
  10. iOS and Android compatible

The new app is fully GDPR compliant, protecting anonymised data and insuring privacy. Initial offline discussions and feedback via the application are extremely positive, as are the number of downloads viewed from within respective app stores.

The second phase of development is already underway and follows in the coming months. The app will have even more security layers, enabling EV Cargo to interact more closely with its core ERP system and provide a higher level of visibility of shipments for customers both up and down stream. It will also include enhanced purchase order and container management, shipping documents and financial transactions. Online quotations, bookings and third-party schedules, such as flights and sailings, coupled with ePOD and automatic milestone notifications are also currently under development.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for links to the App Store and Google play where you can download the app.


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