COVID-19 Updates


In line with the latest PRC and Hong Kong Government announcements, our Hong Kong office will re-open for business on 29th January 2020, and our PRC offices will resume operations on 3rd February 2020 (the holiday has been extended from its scheduled end date of the 31st of January).

1. Hong Kong container terminal and airport continues to operate, and will resume normal operation on 29th January, supported by Hong Kong Customs and carriers.
2. Container terminals in all the major coastal direct ports of call: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, Dalian, Xiamen, Fuzhou and Guangzhou are expected to operate and recommence normal operation on the 3rd February 2020, supported by PRC Customs and carriers.
3. Where container terminals and airports are shut down due to Government lockdown: ACS offices in that specific city will also be closed. In such instances, it is recommended that instructions are given to suppliers and factories to change delivery to nearest major port / airport for shipment. ACS in China will support deliveries routed to alternative departure points. Please contact us if you are unsure of how to issue re-routing instructions to your shippers.

In support of the latest Government policies and actions to reduce the movement of people in Hong Kong, arrangements have been made for more than 80% of the ACS Hong Kong employees to work from home. All non-critical business and passenger travel is being restricted until the epidemic is under control. We will replace travel by video conference or other alternatives, where feasible. It is recommended that all business travel to China (including Hong Kong and Macau) in February 2020 is rescheduled. We shall continue to closely monitor the situation and provide you with critical updates in due course.

Thank you for your continued support.


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